A3 Freight Payment receives “clean” financial statement audit

A3 Freight Payment is pleased to announce that the audit of its financial statements for the year ending December 31, 2015 completed earlier this year and the company received an unqualified opinion from its auditors.

Independently audited financial statements are the cornerstone of a freight payment company’s fiduciary role. They provide customers and prospects with assurance that:

  • The company is financially sound,
  • Its internal control structure can be relied upon,
  • Its assets are carried at fair market and contain no undisclosed impairments, and,
  • It has no “contingent liabilities” such as pending litigation with its customers.

A3 Freight Payment believes that the failure of a provider to furnish independently audited financial statements should disqualify that provider from providing services to shippers.

A3 Freight Payment makes its financial statements available upon request from customers, as well as prospects involved in an active search process for a freight payment provider.

For more information about financial due diligence and freight payment providers, please see the white papers and other materials in the Resources section of the A3 Freight Payment website:

A3 Freight Payment Instant Access Resources

Posted by Ross Harris at 06:30