A Different Approach, A Better Result

The founders of A3 Freight Payment recognized that current providers are deeply invested in their current infrastructure/processes and are not able to correct their process flaws or implement best practices due to these internal constraints or a lack of willingness to reinvest in their business.  Based on this observation, A3 Freight Payment has developed a solution comprised of best practices obtained through extensive experience in the freight payment industry. This solution eliminates the issues associated with freight payment offerings available in the marketplace today:

  • Managed collaborative approach eliminates errors at the root cause
  • Dedicated resources provide exceptional customer service to both clients and their logistics partners
  • 100% transparency to all processes and exceptions for all parties
  • Intuitive yet powerful business intelligence apps that require limited training/expertise
  • Automated systems to provide reliable, consistent processing of transactions
  • Comprehensive, accurate¬†data capture for both manual and electronic transactions
  • Advanced disbursement capabilities ensure timely payment of transactions and cash application
  • Customized solution incorporates best practices while still accommodating client and logistics partners needs and capabilities

To learn more about specific components of the A3 Freight Payment solution select a component from the list on the right or call us to discuss your individual challenges.

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