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A3 Freight Payment wins the Supplier Spotlight on Supplier Connection!

Supplier Connection is a Web-based portal that allows small businesses to more easily apply to become suppliers to large companies. It was built by a consortium of sourcing organizations at large corporations as a way to give small businesses a no-cost opportunity to market their goods and services to supply chains of large companies.

The Supplier Spotlight is a contest run each month by Supplier Connection where small businesses put forward money-saving tips for other small businesses. The company offering the tip which is voted the best goes into the Supplier Spotlight for the month where there company and product are featured prominently to procurement managers using the portal.

The Supplier Spotlight

A3 Freight Payment put forward a set of money-saving tips for small business utilizing parcel carriers. These same tips can apply to larger organization as money-saving opportunities. So, check-out the link above to read the entry and see if you have saving opportunities.

A3 Freight Payment would like to thank Supplier Connection and Dan Gallo at The Allasso Group, LLC for the guidance and for the opportunity to compete!


Posted by Ross Harris at 1:35 PM
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